The history of wearing rings goes back to ancient times.

At all times, both men and women adorned their hands with rings, regardless of age, nationality and social level.


The ring has always been considered a magical thing, no matter what material it is made of. The ring has no beginning or end, it is considered to be a symbol of immortality and infinity, power and love. The ancients also believed that such a product could cure an illness, protect from evil and open the door to the unknown.

It is believed that each finger of the hand has its own energy, so wearing a ring on a certain finger can characterize a person, as well as attract the necessary events into the owner's life and fill with energy. So, the index finger has always been associated with the level of will. Medium - indicates a person's self-esteem. The nameless one is responsible for sensitivity, the tradition of putting a ring on this finger indicates that the person is married. The little finger is a person's perception of the world.

A ring is a very personal thing.

INTI GOLD JEWELRY masters know that jewelry art is a very delicate and sincere business. In our studio you can truly hear your inner desires, and we can create for you a unique product that will open a new page in your life.

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