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History - is always something
unknown, mysterious and luring

History is like an old book found by chance on the topmost shelf, which you eagerly want to open, brushing off the centuries-old dust, to immerse into the world beyond time, to find yourself no longer bound by space and distance, to fantasize, reincarnate, create.
Inti Masters
is an art through time and for centuries to come.

Skillful engravings, marriage watches, exquisite jewelry are created by craftsmen inspired by history, cultural heritage and symbolism. INTI MASTERS JEWELRY craftsmen are a team of like-minded artisans who love what they do and who will make you fall in love with their masterpieces. INTI MASTERS JEWELRY studio publishes works only with the customer’s permission, because we love our customers and value their trust. Ingenious talent and extensive experience of our craftsmen allow to create unique, individualized, very personal adornments which, like works of art, become family heirlooms passed from one generation to another.

Having given INTI MASTERS JEWELRY an opportunity to earn your business once, you will become a very good friend of ours. It is the highest reward for our painstaking work.

Denis, jeweler:

"I have almost 20 years of experience as a jeweler under my belt. Why do customers choose us over others? Because we are the best in our trade, and can prove it by the masterpieces we created. Creative potential of our team allows us to undertake fantastic projects, and the experience and skills we perfected over years to carry them through. With us, you can make even your most daring dreams come true and become the proud owner of a true work of art."

Volodymyr, engraver:

"My life principle is to love, to value, to create! Metal is my canvas. Life itself is what inspires me, for everything has its own beauty – all you need to do is to see it. Engraving is about paying attention to tiny nuances and details; it’s a painstaking work, which vivifies steel and titanium. They say that logic takes you from point A to point B, and imagination everywhere you wish. As for me, when creating the most fantastic worlds and unbelievable scenes on metal I always go by logic and mathematical preciseness. My trade proves that victory loves diligence.".

Serhii, jeweler:

"I am an old seaman, a man who was lucky to see the world. I always believed that one who saw this world from the beautiful side will himself begin creating the beautiful, sooner or later."

Serhii, jeweler:

Life gave me the opportunity to work at the leading Ukrainian enterprises, and awoke me to the need for self-realization as a jewelry craftsman. I decided for myself that Jeweler Expo, an annual national trade fair in Kyiv, could become the best indicator. My first win, in the Best Men’s Adornment nomination, came in 2018. Another win and the Golden Constellation prize followed. I also have other awards, received in various nominations at various contests. One of the most successful years in my career was 2019: The Best Piece of Jewelry; The Best Men’s Adornment; The Best Symbol of High Spirituality… the Golden Constellation Grand Prix for Butterfly suite.

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